Laika is an innovative media company devoted to pursuing stories about development, progress and possibilities. Stories with a high importance to society that stimulate you to look further and nurture your imagination – with hopeful ideas, fresh alternatives and challenging perspectives. We rather portray heroes instead of telling victim narratives.

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  • Exhibition UN-Habitat, Quito

    Exhibition UN-Habitat, Quito

    For Habitat3, the UN Conference on Housing and Urban Development, Laika developed an exhibition that presented real life stories of unique characters living in a
  • Medellin’s Greenbelt

    Medellin’s Greenbelt

    After gondalas, urban escalators and libraries in poor areas, a massive 46-miles urban park around the city is the new flagship of Medellín’s urban renewal.

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  • Addis Ababa Live

    Addis Ababa Live

    On Friday night 25 May the temperature in Amsterdam reached tropical numbers. A perfect evening to launch the
  • True Stories

    True Stories

    Who are the epic storytellers of our time, the new European Ryszard Kapuścińskis? And what novel journalistic storytelling
  • Photography & Youth in Diyarbakir

    Photography & Youth in Diyarbakir

    When I first came to Diyarbakir in May 2017 for the Diyarbakir Photography Days I was impressed with