Laika is a storytelling agency that seeks to uncover constructive stories across the globe. We look for people who have found meaning through setbacks, companies that have changed course, and for countries, cities or individuals that have found workable solutions to difficult conflicts.

The world of Laika

There are countless ways to look at the world involving new perspectives and surprising approaches utilizing fresh eyes. We believe this is necessary in today’s world. Audiences are tired of negative-critical journalism and victim narratives. In order to stand out in a world overloaded with information, we need to change the leading paradigms in storytelling. Instead of merely criticising the status quo and focussing on faults from the past, we must also explore solutions to the challenges we face and consider paths forward. That’s how we create Laikable stories. Stories for everyone—stories that connect us and bring a distant world closer.

Our approach

We create meaningful content through inspiring
authentic storytelling. Our stories are:

1. Constructive

Stories about important issues can be great stories. That is why we like to change the narrative and present stories with positive and solution-focused elements in order to empower audiences and present a more comprehensive picture of truth.

2. Immersive

We have a strong belief in the value of individual stories – and through them tackling broader issues. By telling real stories about real people we bring far away worlds closer and stress similarities over differences.

3. Transmedia

By producing mixed media content that can be used across multiple platforms, formats and channels, we are able to serve a diverse audience and maximise a project’s impact.