By telling rich, real and human stories we help social impact organisations – charities, ngo’s, social entreprises and companies – to engage with their audiences and maximise their impact. To be able to find, tell and share these stories we developed a unique storytelling model: Laika’s Storytelling Canvas. You are only three steps away from a great story.

What’s your story?

More than ever, businesses, charities, and leaders have opportunities to stand out, spread messages, and make change through storytelling. We share billions of links every month, tens of millions of pieces of content. And the deluge of content in our lives, and the means of accessing it, continues to grow.

Fact is, no one cares about marketing goals. But everyone likes a good story. The businesses that can tell one will have an increasing advantage. Good stories surprise us. They stick in our minds and help us remember ideas and concepts in a way that numbers and text on a slide don’t. Unfortunately many of us have forgotten how to tell a good story.

As journalists and filmmakers we are trained to find these stories, with compelling characters and surprising story angles. We translate complex issues into understandable and thought provoking concepts and content that helps to increase the impact of your work.

3-Step-Story Plan

We help you to find your story and
transform it into engaging content en exposure.

1. Strategic session

Off course it’s all about stories. But if you want your most beautiful story to have an impact, it’s important to develop a strategy early on. With the help of Laika’s Storytelling Canvas we sharpen the DNA of your organisation, set goals and define target audiences and channels.

2. Editorial research

This session kicks off the storytelling campaign. With a committed team we search for the abundance of stories that exist in your organisation. What’s a surprising angle? Who are the protagonists? What makes this story worth telling? Why now?

3. Content creation

Once we have decided which stories to tell, we are ready for the next step. With a dedicated team of professionals we work on (desk) research, design, reporting and editing.