Future Cities

In this century of rapid urbanization, Future Cities is a multimedia project devoted to the stories and people behind the statistics of urbanization and growth in five of the world’s most engaging, emerging cities: Kinshasa, Lima, Yangon, Medellin and Addis Ababa.


This project takes you to the shifting urban frontier of this nextge neration of cities. While our subject cities are each experiencing rapid economic and demographic growth, their roles in the current discussion about the future of our urban areas are often overlooked. While consulting firms often simply rank cities, this project delves deep into the urban landscape to explore the people and growth statistics.


Instead of focusing our attention on the many problems one encounters in these cities, we chose to address the unique strengths of each location. Each city is linked to an appealing theme and portrayed through local protagonists. We use photos, text, video and audio to tell their stories and to create a feeling of being in the heart of a ‘Future City’. The findings of this project are disseminated through a five part web documentary, print stories in Dutch and international media and live events at Amsterdam venue Pakhuis de Zwijger.


Concept: Stephanie Bakker, Yvonne Brandwijk
Photography & camera: Yvonne Brandwijk
Research & reporting: Stephanie Bakker
Video-editing: Maaike Holvast
Interactive design: Sara Kolster
Visual design: Ivo Schmetz, 310K
Development: Edgar Vijgeboom, Martijn Pantlin, Hay Kranen (coding)
Sound design: Casper van Deuveren
Media partner: de Volkskrant
Financial partners: European Journalism Centre, Fonds Bijzonderde
Journalistieke Projecten, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie