Expert Program Fotoacademie

Expert Program Fotoacademie

A successful photographer is not only someone that is visually trained and has a nose for finding and developing great visual stories.A successful photographer is also good at putting his/her work into context, presenting an argument about it, marketing him/herself and his/her work, networking, negotiating and organizing. Since October 2017 de Fotoacademie in Amsterdam and Evelien Kunst started collaborating on a six-months Expert Program. In this program Evelien Kunst works together with a small group of professional photographers on how to make their photo project more successful. 

The program touches upon all those aspects that you need to consider when running your business as a photographer. On average once a month the group comes together and in between there is time for the photographers to work on their project and sharpen their project proposal and project pitch. Evelien has developed her own Storytelling Canvas and the photographers work with the Canvas. All participants are expected to bring a more or less finished photo project that will be discussed and forms the basis for a business pitch that will be prepared during the workshop.

What do the participants think about this program?

“The Storytelling Canvas makes it very clear and much easier for me to formulate my plans. Because this program is broken down into manageable pieces my own project seems less complex and easier to tackle,” says Dingema Mol.

“It became much clearer for me where my market is and how I can pitch my work. I learned that I have to seek partnerships and collaborate and how to offer my clients something unique that only I can offer them,” mentions Poike Stomps.

Jildiz Kaptein: “I wanted my photos to be published in a nation wide daily newspaper and I pitched my project idea. Unfortunately they did not react as I hoped. Together with Evelien I prepared a new pitch with some of the photos that I already made. The newspaper very much liked the idea and three weeks later I had a cover story with a total of 7 images published in the daily newspaper!”

“The canvas gives me a good overview for my project. Every time that I am lost, I look at it and start filling things in for myself. It helps me to focus,” explains Bernadet de Prins.