Our projects are as diverse as the media we work with and bespoke to the partners we support. Here are a few we are proud of:

  • Everybody on a mission series

    Everybody on a mission series

    We interviewed community leaders, CEO's and changemakers in India, Kenya and the Netherlands about their mission. What drives them? And what challenges do they face? 
  • Exhibition UN-Habitat, Quito

    Exhibition UN-Habitat, Quito

    For Habitat3, the UN Conference on Housing and Urban Development, Laika developed an exhibition that presented real life stories of unique characters living in a
  • Medellin’s Greenbelt

    Medellin’s Greenbelt

    After gondalas, urban escalators and libraries in poor areas, a massive 46-miles urban park around the city is the new flagship of Medellín’s urban renewal.
  • Yangon, the artistic revival of a megacity

    Yangon, the artistic revival of a megacity

    During the half-century Myanmar spent under military rule the fine arts were repressed. Now that the regime is no more, the world can again get
  • Future Cities

    Future Cities

    In this century of rapid urbanization, Future Cities is a multimedia project devoted to the stories and people behind the statistics of urbanization and growth